Fleas Don't Just Bug Your Pets

Fleas Don't Just Bug Your Pets

Hire the pros for flea removal in Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Roseville & Folsom, CA

Pet owners know all too well how irritating fleas can be for their pets. Did you know that fleas can cause problems for humans, too? Luckily, you can get expert flea removal services from USA Pest Management Group if your home becomes infested.

Fleas commonly find their way from wild animals onto our pets. Then, they can find their way to us, causing bites and illnesses. With help from the experts, you can clear your home of fleas in as little as a day.

You don't have to suffer from a home full of fleas. Get pest control services from Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Roseville & Folsom, CA's premier pest control team. Contact USA Pest Management Group now at 833-235-7378 to schedule service.

Fast facts on fleas

Fleas are a problem for both pets and humans. Here are just a few facts about them:

  • Warm temperatures (like Citrus Heights and Orangevale, CA weather) are ideal for flea reproduction.
  • Fleas don't live on humans, but they can bite humans.
  • A flea bite can carry with it sicknesses like typhus or tularemia.
  • Fleas can live for 100 days and produce hundreds of offspring.

There's a lot to know about fleas, but one fact remains true: you have to get rid of them ASAP. Hire USA Pest Management Group for flea removal services. Talk to our team now to schedule pest control services at your home.