USA Pest Management is a husband and wife owned business, in the pest control Industry for over 40 years.
My wife served our great country as a Navy Corpsman. I was born on McClelland Air Force base and as a military child, I grew up on Air Force Bases with a career military father and an Army Ranger brother.

Considering our history, it seemed only natural to name our company USA Pest Management.

After serving our country, my wife went to college to become a nurse. I decided after graduating from high school to go straight into pest control. Over my 40 year career, I have been General Manager for two different companies as well as a Director of Technical Services. When a route technician, I was the only California State technician nominated by Pest Control Magazine as Technician of the Year in 2011.

I have years of experience in the eradication of pigeons, bats and rodents along with performing general pest management services.

USA Pest Management holds EcoWise Certification, DPR- Qualified Applicator Certificate, Fish and Game Wild life Trapping license and Pest Control Operators License for General Pest Control.